(Global Service Design Jam HK 2021)

A Jam is about the rhythm we create when creative energy and diverse backgrounds fuse together at the same time in the same place. We loose sense of time and allow our ideas, post-its, sketches, and our imagination to run wild, before finally refining and tailoring the beat to fit problem at hand. The Global Service Design Jam in HK 2021, was a whirlwind weekend of creative energy that challenged us to use design thinking to solve a wicked problem around us.

I worked with a diverse team of four designers skilled with backgrounds…

Photo by Karly Santiago on Unsplash

String Art is a fascinating precise medium that embodies movement, pattern and elegance. Every string is purposefully arranged. Each string dances with another piece of string across the surface. The density of strings catch our eyes immediately. What lies at the density of these threads? The orchestration is part of creating the larger picture and telling a story.

In an abstract piece, the strings don’t encapsulate meaning beyond the visual they create. However, each string can be prescribed meaning, similar to a line graph or spider diagram.

I wanted to have fun and create my own piece of string art…

Welcome back to our project where we are looking to help connect aging adults and their adult children in order to support them aging in place. We ended the last sprint with videos being the medium of exchange on our family platform. Throughout this sprint we continued to validate the value of short videos, develop our prototype, explore business models and long term engagement. It’s been a busy sprint, where we also had the opportunity to attend the two day global virtual UXR conference, and draw inspiration from the top UX researchers around the world.

The empirical test of aging…

Do you want to see your future self?

The most iconic sound of a historical photograph is the sound of the loud flash, now simulated by having the option of the flash on our iPhones but still being able to hear the same sound when a photo is clicked.

With film photography there was a moment of uncertainty when looking through the small window and pressing the shutter, to finishing your film roll and then having to develop the negatives to finally be able to receive your photo to the capture of a specific moment.

There used to be a…

Name: Kerntype

Developer: Crafted by Mark MacKay and María Munuera

Platform: Browser

High-level Instructional Goal: As novice in design and typography you are shown phrases in different fonts. It is your job to move and align each letter to the best of your ability for appropriate spacing and readability. The player’s solution is then scored and compared to a typographer’s solution. The player continues this with different phrases and fonts to help build up their knowledge in typography.

The player must move each letter to Kern

Learning Objectives

What do I need to know prior?

The player does not need to have any knowledge in design, fonts, typography…

It’s been a productive semester and a bittersweet feeling as we begin to carefully sew together all the different threads from our artifacts in preparation for our Spring presentation.

Wrapping Up Research

We began the sprint by concluding our collage activity interviews with informal caregivers. Conducting the collage activities was a meaningful experience for the team to be able to use visuals and imagery as a basis for the participant to express their deeper thoughts and feelings when caring for their loved ones. …

Name: Water Cycle

Developer: The Yard Games Org

Platform: Browser

Brief Description

The game is based on the earth’s water cycle and a landscape which is divided into six zones. Water dots can be moved between the different zones. To move dots, the player has a set of cards to chose from such as: evaporation, soil absorption, runoff. As the game progresses, the player learns how water changes state and moves around our planet. The aim is for the player to have more of their red water dots in a zone at the end of the round.

Learning Objectives


Name: Quandary

Developer: Learning Games Network

Platform: Browser

High-level Instructional Goal: As an external consultant for a new colony, you are there to help resolve dispute among the citizens for the longevity of the colony. You gather different facts and opinions from different citizens in order to propose your decision to the colony council, who makes the ultimate decision.

Brief Description

As a consultant for the colony council, you are given the current dilemma that the citizens in the colony are facing, such as a threat to the water supply. The player hears from all the different citizen’s perspectives and…

We ended the 2nd sprint having conducted 20 interviews, including both seniors and caregivers. It was touching getting to connect and learn about the aging process through the different coloured lenses of each individual’s personal experience. As we entered this sprint our goal was to begin a meaningful synthesis from what we learned during these conversations.

To begin our synthesis process, we conducted two interpretation sessions of ten interviews each. The pair who was present in the interview, carefully took the team through the experience, while the notetaker extracted and crafted interpretation notes into our master sheet. It was a…

Here I take a closer look into the educational game, Windfall, to better understand how it teaches players about economic concepts.

Name: Windfall

Developer: Persuasive Games

Platform: Browser (flash)

Instructional-Goal: To generate power with a budget by strategically placing wind turbines within the given time frame

How do you play the game?

The player begins with the target amount of energy that needs to be generated and a budget, such as 25,000 KwH and $10,000. The the player must pay to conduct research on the different square miles to see the cost of the land and the wind speed. Then…

Amrita Sakhrani

UX Designer

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